Highline Internet Announces Partnership with Calix, Inc.

October 20, 2021

Highline Internet, a leading fiber network builder, owner, operator, and internet service provider, announced today that they have selected Calix, Inc. as their technology partner for their Fiber-to-the-Home (FTTH) builds in the state of Michigan.

With Calix’s 10Gbps symmetrical XGS technology (PON Technology), their premium Gigaspire Wifi gateways, and customized user control mobile apps, it will create the best customer experience possible, which is the highest priority for Highline. Construction of the Fiber Network has already begun and the expectation for Michigan residents is that Highline will pass over 1200 homes by the end of September and the growth is just beginning. Highline knows that these areas of the country are under-served and plan to help close the digital divide by investing in the capital to deploy Fiber which will create reliable, affordable, gigabit speed Internet and Voice services.

“By partnering with Calix on everything from cutting-edge fiber infrastructure to advanced subscriber-facing solutions, Highline Internet is well on its way to delivering the services that underserved and unhappily served Americans need”, said Matt Hayes, the CTO of Highline Internet in a prepared statement. “Both residential homeowners and business can thrive by having reliable and lightning-fast Internet, and not having to settle for less”.

“We are excited to bring real gigabit speed Internet Services to our friends and neighbors in Michigan”, said Bruce Moore, the President and GM for Highline Michigan. Finally, homeowners will see that gigabit speeds will allow them to send or upload data from their computers or devices directly to the internet, without buffering, and share files, pictures, gaming and homework. Working from home, learning from home, and sharing from home will have new meaning.”

Highline Internet is a subsidiary of ITC Broadband Holdings, which got its start in 1896 as Interstate Telephone Company and has interests in a number of industries including Highline, which provides state-of-the-art broadband that serves underserved communities with big city services.