Attention All Video Customers: We will be discontinuing video services on August 31st, 2024. Please call our customer service team at 888-212-0054 to schedule an equipment pickup date. Thank you.

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About Highline Fiber Internet in Colorado

Highline is a high-speed internet and voice provider that serves previously underserved and unserved communities throughout the United States.

Highline believes everyone deserves access to every opportunity that comes from fully participating in today's digital world. And we are committed to bringing the power of fiber-enabled internet to communities across the U.S.

Latest Area Updates

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Pueblo West:

Construction of Phases 1 & 2 are complete, and we are happy to announce that we now have over 6000 homes available for our services! Please reference the service availability map to determine if you're dwelling is ready for fiber-based internet service. Our team is out in the community meeting with residents, feel free contact us to schedule an appointment and learn more about the fiber optic technology. Highline is evaluating other areas in Pueblo West to deploy its fiber-based internet technology, stay tuned for more information!




Contact Troy English or Emily Briggs for more information! 
Troy English
Sales Manager
[email protected]

Emily Briggs 
Pueblo Community Relations Specialist
[email protected]



Pueblo Community Relations and Sales donated protective covering to a local playground in Bailey. On Saturday, June 1, Pueblo Sales Manager Troy English, Keith Doubleday and some local volunteers helped spread it in the playground. 

Great work Troy, Keith and crew!

On Saturday, June 22 and Sunday, June 23, SVP & Regional Manager David Shipley, Sales Manager Troy English, Community Relations Specialist Emily Briggs and Outside Plant Supervisor Christopher Simmons attended the two-day festival Bailey Days. It was a great time to get into the community of Bailey and speak to the residents about Highline services.

We look forward to attending next year!

On Wednesday, June 26, SVP & Regional Manager David Shipley, Sales Manager Troy English, and Community Relations Specialist Emily Briggs provided lunch and dessert for over 100 Pueblo West Metro District employees for their annual Safety Fair. 

Thank you, Pueblo West Metro, for keeping residents safe and providing them with services!

On Saturday, June 29, Pueblo Community Relations Emily Briggs sponsored the Pueblo West Chamber Summer Market. Despite starting out with a windy start, it ended up turning out to be a beautiful day and the market had around 250 in attendance. She will be back on July 13th.

Thank you, Pueblo West Metro, for keeping residents safe and providing them with services!






On Saturday, July 13, Pueblo Community Relations is heading back to the Pueblo West Chamber Summer Market as the main sponsor for the event.

On Saturday, July 27 and Sunday, July 28, we are hitting the road and heading to Fairplay for the 75th Annual Burro Days Festival.



We have started the aerial construction on the project and waiting for approval from Park County to resume buried construction. We are so looking forward to all of you being our customers and bringing you real high-speed Internet Services!

Below is a high-level project timeline; we will tighten up the dates upon securing permits. Please reference the service availability map to determine if you're dwelling is ready for fiber-based internet service.

• Phases 1-4 are Complete.

• Phase 5 Estimated Completion June 2024

• Phase 6 Estimated Completion August 2024

• Highline Completes Customer Activations: September 2024


Grand Junction


We are excited to announce our Fruitvale build is COMPLETE! All residents in the active area on the map below now have access to fast, affordable fiber-optic internet that touts the best customer service in town!



Excited for your chance to experience the best speeds in Grand Junction? Our construction teams are making plans to bring our service and speed to you!


Contact: Bill Thompson or Daniel Segraves for more information! 
Bill Thompson
Area Manager
[email protected]

Daniel Segraves 
Grand Junction Community Relations
[email protected]




Highline Internet had a fantastic time engaging with the community at Grand Valley Riverfest 2024! We had so many great conversations with people about fiber technology, how it improves their lives, and most importantly: signing up for service!


We would like to congratulate all of the educators at Fruitvale Elementary on a fantastic year! They feedback from this fantastic school has been overwhelming, and their passionate partnership and care for our children’s futures warranted special recognition. Daniel Segraves and David Shipley were thrilled to honor staff and faculty with pizza from Pizzamore’. Thank you all for you dedication to the future!

Do you know a teacher that goes above and beyond everyday that you would like to nominate for our Teacher of the Month? Send us a message ( or email [email protected] and tell us why you would like your favorite teacher to win a gift basket including a $200 gift card!


Congratulations, Izeah Medrano of Central High School! He is the winner of the Highline Internet Grand Junction STEM Scholarship for 2024! It was an emotional evening as Bill and Daniel presented Izeah with a $5,000 scholarship to Colorado Mesa University. Izeah looks forward to pursuing his passion for science. Go get ‘em, Izeah!



Fruitvale Elementary’s Parent Engagement Night was a wonderful chance for us to provide some dinner for people as they had a great time getting to know their community, and was a great chance to talk to our neighbors about our service now available through the majority of Fruitvale!






June 7/June 20: Come say hi to Barb and Alyssa as the GJ Jackalopes games! We will be on site letting people know about our state of the art technology and where we are expanding next! Come enjoy a game and go home with the piece of mind that you will have the best internet in town!

INTERESTED IN JACKALOPE TICKETS? Contact Daniel Segraves (info listed above) to find out how you can earn Diamond Club seating to a GJ Jackalope game this season!




Highline for 30 days but has 14 years experience in the industry. An avid gamer, Johnny loves enjoying his downtime “kicking back and enjoying a game.” He’s also never afraid to do the toughest jobs, and is beloved by all of his installation customers

Welcome to the team, Johnny!



While we operate within easements, Highline understands that homeowners take pride in the appearance and care for that area. We do ask for a bit of forgiveness as we lay this monumental infrastructure. Please understand we are committed to repairing any damage issues the residents have with the easement area on their property. Crews are performing real-time restorations on areas that are completed, and in addition, follow up crews are actively addressing areas that were missed due to unforeseen circumstances. If residents have an urgent safety concern about a construction activity around our fiber build, please call 888-212-0054.