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About Highline Fiber Internet in Colorado

Highline is a high-speed internet and voice provider that serves previously underserved and unserved communities throughout the United States.

Highline believes everyone deserves access to every opportunity that comes from fully participating in today's digital world. And we are committed to bringing the power of fiber-enabled internet to communities across the U.S.

Latest Area Updates

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Pueblo West: 

Construction continues, and we are happy to announce that we now have over 2100 homes available for our services!
We turned up our first customer in the Southside of Pueblo West on 12/14/2022 and are super excited to have homes turning up.  Watch for our team members out “door tagging” which means we are leaving you a notice that service is available at your home.


Waiting for Spring to finish the total construction build. We are so looking forward to all of you being our customers and bringing you real high-speed Internet Services! Staunton/Pine: Engineering and Design continue here and we are on track for construction in 2023. We will be there, so put it on your calendar to look forward to the celebration of real high-speed Internet!


Below is a high-level project timeline; we will tighten up the dates upon securing permits. 

  • Receive Agreement from State: 9/22/22
  • Highline Commences Construction: 2/20/23 
  • Highline begins to turn-up Customers: 7/5/23
  • Highline Completes Construction: 6/15/24 
  • Highline Completes Customer Activations: 9/15/24

Grand Junction


Highline continues to grow quickly in Grand Junction! We are now active in areas south of Patterson in Fruitvale (Pioneer Rd, Darby Dr, Cleveland St, etc.) as well as the area of Orchard Ave from 28 ¼ to 12th Street! We plan to expand to neighboring areas in both parts of town and will be coming to YOUR neighborhood soon!


If you live in the following apartment complexes and are interested in Highline service, all we require is a signature from the property manager! Our Right Of Entry process is quick and easy and allows us to offer Grand Junction apartments/condos faster and friendlier internet!

  • 2814 Patterson Rd
  • 615 28 ¼ Rd (Village Park Apartments)
  • 2721 Patterson Rd
  • 575 28 ½ Rd (Cedar Terrace Townhomes)
  • 565 28 ¼ Rd (Residence At Grand Mesa)
  • 2236 N 17th St (Walnut Park Apartments)
  • 2260 N 13th St
  • 1202 Walnut Ave (Fairmount Village Condos)
  • 1238-1250 Bookcliff Ave (Bookcliff Apartments)
  • Contact Bill Thompson or Daniel Segraves for more information!


We had a spirited night of trivia at The Ale House on January 22! It came down to the wire, with our winner sealing their win on the final question of the night! (Who was our first postmaster general?) 


  • “[Thomas] was very knowledgeable and personable and down to earth” – Scott 
  • “[Josh] was great, he explained everything. He made sure the Wi-Fi was working before leaving. I’m excited to see the quality of the internet!” – G 
  • “[Josh] was very good; he explained what he was going to do and then did it. Good to have [quality] internet back!” – Judy 
  • “[Thomas] was awesome, he gave his thoughts, and we came up with a plan… I would [tell others] go for it! The installation was easy” - Marvin


Every Monday night at 6 pm is Trivia Night at The Ale House! Come have some fun answering trivia with friends and compete for free prizes and the chance to win a $50 Ale House Gift card from Highline Internet! February 12 – Highline Internet/Octopus Coffee Valentine Delivery! Follow our Facebook page for more info soon! 


Thomas is our lead technician in Grand Junction and a favorite of our customers. Over the last year that Thomas has been with Highline, he has become our go-to guy for installations, locating, cabinet operation, and fiber splicing. He is an avid mountain biker, Red Bull enthusiast, and cartoon historian.


While we operate within easements, Highline understands that homeowners take pride in the appearance and care for that area. We do ask for a bit of forgiveness as we lay this monumental infrastructure. Please understand we are committed to repairing any damage issues the residents have with the easement area on their property. Crews are performing real-time restorations on areas that are completed, and in addition, follow-up crews are actively addressing areas that were missed due to unforeseen circumstances. If residents have an urgent safety concern about a construction activity around our fiber build, please call 888-212-0054.

Affordable Connectivity Program

The Affordable Connectivity Program is a government program that helps low-income households pay for access to high-speed fiber internet.

We're Local

We care about the local community because we're a part of it. As Colorado residents, we take great pride in our community!

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Honoring Our Teachers

Colorado teachers deserve recognition for their hard work and commitment. Highline invites you to nominate someone to be recognized as a Teacher of the Month. Winning teachers will receive a $200 gift card.

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Honoring Our First Responders

Colorado first responders work in extreme conditions to keep our citizens safe. Highline invites you to nominate someone to be recognized as a First Responder of the Month. Winning nominees will receive a $200 gift card.