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Fast Streaming

Watch anything you want—where and when you want.

No Nonsense

No contracts, credit checks, extra fees, or taxes.

Parental Controls

Limit screen time, filter content, and keep kids safe.

Faster Downloads

No buffering when gaming, conferencing, or working from home.

Unlimited Connections

Connect smart TVs, computers, phones, games, and more.

Unlimited Data

No need to worry about data caps with Highline.

Comprehensive Control

Control your home network on the go with our app.

Instant Visibility

See all connected devices across your network.

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Check Availability in Your Area

Enter your address to find out if high-speed internet is available where you live.

Unlimited connections, total control.

You deserve Wi-Fi that keeps up with everything you throw at it. You need the controls to limit screen time, filter content, and keep kids safe.

Lose the lag and level up your gaming.

The Gaming Package is designed for online gamers who need a reliable and fast internet connection. This package offers low ping times, high-speed downloads, and stable connectivity so you can play your favorite games without lag or latency issues.

Wireless internet that’s fast, stable & secure.

The Working Warrior Package is Ideal for professionals who video conference, upload and download large files, and stream training videos. It offers high-speed internet with unlimited data and priority bandwidth for remote work tools like Zoom, Google Meet, and Microsoft Teams without interruption.


One App. 
Endless Possibilities.

Watch shows, track usage, pay bills and more.


Fiber Makes All the Difference.

Fiber is the fastest, most durable broadband technology that exists. It uses light waves to transfer data across the fiber, providing you with lightning-fast download speeds.

Streaming Made Easy

Find the Best Live TV Streaming for You

With Highline robust internet packages, you will be able to stream what you love to different devices without interfering with the data you need to support the rest of the devices and apps in your home! We've partnered with to help you find the right streaming options for you!