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How Your Internet Works

  1. Fiber internet is sent through glass fibers as pulses of light from the ISP's central hub.
  2. This light reaches an Optical Network Terminal (ONT) in your home.
  3. The ONT converts the light signals into electrical signals.
  4. Your router interprets these signals then converts them into Wi-Fi for use by your devices.

Running Speed Tests

If you want a good measurement of your internet speed, use the Highline Fast App to run a speed test. This runs the speed test directly from your router, giving you the most accurate speed measurement.

If you run a speed test from a browser on a personal device, the only thing you’re measuring is that device's speed capabilities. Most devices (when using Wi-Fi) can only get about 300 – 500 Mbps, with older or less premium devices being slower, even with a wired connection. This speed can also be affected by applications running on the device and the number of devices connected to your network, with each device and application using a portion of your total speed bandwidth.

Learn more about the Highline Fast App.

Improve your Home’s Internet & Wi-Fi

Experiencing slow loading times for websites? Seeing pixelated images while streaming movies or TV shows? Here's some suggestions on how to address these issues:

  1. Move your router to the center of the house, away from devices that can cause interference, such as:
    1. Microwave ovens
    2. Baby monitors
    3. Cordless phones
    4. Bluetooth devices
  2. Make sure there are no major obstacles between your router and your devices, such as mirrors, fish tanks, thick walls.
  3. Use a wired internet connection with an ethernet cord if you are doing any data-heavy operations, such as streaming 8K video, online gaming, large file upload or downloads. Remember, a corded connection will ALWAYS be faster and more reliable than Wi-Fi.

Gigaspire Router

What the Lights on Your Router Mean

The LEDs located on the corner of the GigaSpire BLAST provide information on the status and current state of the system. 

Lights Status
No light The unit is turned off or does not have power
Flashes cyan every second Booting up/updating
Flashes red every 0.8 seconds Boot-up failed
Steady cyan Unit is connected to the internet
Flashes red every 1.6 secionds No service/no internet
Flashes green every 0.5 seconds WPS pairing mode
Fingers on a keyboard

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