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Connectivity for Everyone

We're committed to helping your community fully engage in the opportunities that come with real high-speed internet. That’s why we created HighlineCares, a program that helps raise funds to enable everyone to participate in these opportunities.

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Honor a Deserving Teacher

Our teachers should be recognized more often for their hard work and commitment to making a difference in their students' lives. Highline invites you to nominate someone you feel deserves to be recognized as a Teacher of the Month. Winning teachers will receive a gift card.

Ashley Silva

Teacher of the Month - Pueblo West, CO

Ashley Silva

Ashley Silva has been an Exceptional Student Services teacher in the Life Skills Program for more than 13 years. She also coaches Unified Bowling and Basketball. She is currently running a Spread the Word campaign to promote inclusivity. She loves attending music concerts and traveling in her spare time. Her favorite part of teaching is seeing students progress. Pueblo West High School is fortunate to have Ms. Silva on our staff and we appreciate her dedication very much. 

Teacher of the Month - Grand Junction, CO

Teacher of the Month - Grand Junction, CO

Jay Hagadorn

Congratulations, Jay Hagadorn of Rocky Mountain Elementary! He is Highline Internet’s Teacher of the Month for April! We surprised him this month with a $200 gift card, some Highline Internet swag and a charging cable that his friends and family told us he seems to always be looking for!

“Mr. J” is a beloved member of Rocky Mountain Elementary and serves as a SPED instructor, supporting children with needs that go beyond the normal classroom. We are proud to honor Mr. J and the enormous impact he has in the lives of his students!


Jeff Roman

Teacher of the Month - UP, Michigan

Jeff Roman

This month in Delta County, we have an extra SPECIAL teacher to announce! Our #TeacherOfTheMonth winner is Jeff Roman from the DISD Learning Center! 🍎

Mr. Jeff, as he is known by students, didn’t take the traditional path to become a teacher. In 2003, he had a guidance counselor suggest that he take a different path other than his then passion of Art and Design Educator, sure, he thought the counselor was wrong. Maybe his counselor knew something he didn’t. He went into computers, worked in a group home and that’s when he decided to go into psychology. Jeff said, “If I would not have worked at a group home, I would not have stayed in the mental health field.” Jeff’s work in the mental health industry helped lead him down the path to the most rewarding career as a teacher at The Learning Center. He worked in the mental health industry for 11 years with Pathways. He spent 6 years in HR when one of his colleague’s told him there was a teaching position open. Teaching gave him the opportunity to work with students again. He enjoys working with the students to give them a better life.

Two years later and Jeff is now enrolled in Michigan’s teaching certification-alternative certification program to earn his teaching certificate. This program allows him to work and take classes that he needs to earn his teaching certificate. He assists other adults in obtaining their teaching certificates as well. Jeff remains on call with Pathways and older students still check in with him today.

Jeff grew up in Brampton and couldn’t see himself living anywhere but the U.P. He and his wife of 11 years are raising 1 son and twin daughters. His wife encouraged him to take the teaching position even though it meant a pay cut and maybe a few sacrifices along the way. She too knew he was destined to help others and make their voices heard. He said his kids are amazingly good kids that love that he’s a teacher. It shows when they receive letters home from their teachers saying how well they treat everyone, especially the children with disabilities.

We asked Jeff if there’s anything he would like to tell people about teaching and or the mental health field, “Teaching at the Learning Center and working in mental health, there is nothing more rewarding! We have a lot of art mixed with teaching. I’d like to encourage people to go into the mental health field, pursue your passions. Work in a group home, over at Pathways, or in a school, become a guidance counselor. They all teach good life lessons. I’m thankful every day to have the opportunity to be here! I’d also like to send out a special thank you to my parents, brothers, sister and mother and father In-law for being a great support system along the way, they are all the ultimate reason my wife and I want to stay in the U.P.”.

After our interview, we ended in Jeff’s classroom where his students were playing a game of Bingo. We took a few photos and Mr. Jeff showed his award to his kids. One of his students jumped for joy and smiled the largest most genuine smile I’ve seen in a long, long time. You can’t help but smile when you walk out the door on a good day.

Mr. Jeff you’re an inspiration! The world needs more people like you!

So, this month, please tell a teacher “Thank you”—and please tell Jeff Roman THANK YOU, for all he has done to help his students.

Tracey Jaworski

Teacher of the Month - Thumb, MI

Tracey Jaworski

Mrs. Jaworski is a kindergarten teacher at Cass City Elementary School. She comes to work every day with a smile on her face ready to make a difference in the lives of her students. She is great about

"catching kids being good," uses positive reinforcement as a way to recognize her students and reaches out to her team if there is a student who needs extra support.

Bobby Childs

Teacher of the Month - Georgia

Bobby Childs

It is our truest pleasure to announce Mr. Bobby Childs as our “Counselor of the Month” for April. Since 2003, Mr. Childs has impacted the lives of countless students as an Upson Lee High School guidance counselor. Students love his kind, calm, and reassuring demeanor. A former student of his and our community relations specialist, Mary Elizabeth, says Mr. Childs is a great listener. To Mr. Childs, counseling means being there for his students to help them socially, emotionally, and academically. “I love helping students move on to the next chapter in their lives, whether that’s college, the military, or the workforce,” Mr. Childs says. In his free time, Mr. Childs enjoys yard work, outdoor activities,  and spending time with his wife of 36 years, Sharon, and his daughter, Zaria. Thank you, Mr. Childs, for being a cornerstone and an advocate for your students. 

Michelle Mann

Teacher of the Month - Rye, CO

Principle Michelle Mann

This afternoon at Rye High School, Pueblo Community Relations Specialist Emily Briggs didn't just honor May's Teacher of the Month to Conner Pigg but surprised Principal Michelle Mann since she is retiring this Spring. Mr. Pigg was nominated by Ms. Mann for Teacher of the Month for May. He was described as "a dedicated educator. In class, he creates quality lessons and learning experiences for his students. His enthusiasm for his content is contagious! He tells stories of history that keep students entertained and on the edge of their seats. Conner is a teacher leader on the staff - he helps to lead a group of his colleagues through an action research process in order to improve student learning. On top of all of that, he is a Head Coach for both Football and Track & Field. Conner is a quality educator who works to teach and support each student he teaches and coaches. Rye High School is lucky to have a quality educator like him!" Ms. Mann has been a big supporter of Highline through our Teacher of the Month and Scholarship programs. She will definitely be missed by her students and colleagues.

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Nominate a First Responder

Our first responders should be recognized for their dedication and commitment to public safety in our communities. Highline invites you to nominate someone you feel deserves to be recognized as a First Responder of the Month. Winning nominees will receive a gift card.

We Hear You

The Power of Communication

Dr. Adam Ingrao of Bee Wise Farms explains exactly what high-speed internet means to his life, his home, and his work in this short but powerful video.