Building Stronger Communities Together

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Connectivity for Everyone

We're committed to helping your community fully engage in the opportunities that come with real high-speed internet. That’s why we created HighlineCares, a program that helps raise funds to enable everyone to participate in these opportunities.

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Honor a Deserving Teacher

Our teachers should be recognized more often for their hard work and commitment to making a difference in their students' lives. Highline invites you to nominate someone you feel deserves to be recognized as a Teacher of the Month. Winning teachers will receive a $200 gift card.

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Nominate a First Responder

Our first responders should be recognized for their dedication and commitment to public safety in our communities. Highline invites you to nominate someone you feel deserves to be recognized as a First Responder of the Month. Winning nominees will receive a $200 gift card.

Cheryl Patrick

First Responder of the Month

Cheryl Patrick

Highline is proud to announce another First Responder of the Month for Delta County—Cheryl Patrick!

Cheryl has been dedicated to helping others for the majority of her life and she has volunteered as an EMT with Rock Ambulance for 30 years! Her commitment to volunteering runs in the family. She and her husband are avid volunteers in the community and her grown children also volunteer as well.

Not only does Cheryl volunteer as an EMT for the Rock ambulance, but she also monitors the Emergency Department while working at OSF. Cheryl also helps out in the area doing hair for nursing home residents and says it’s something she enjoys doing.

Please give Cheryl a big CONGRATULATIONS and thank you for her dedication to making our community a better place.

We Hear You

The Power of Communication

Dr. Adam Ingrao of Bee Wise Farms explains exactly what high-speed internet means to his life, his home, and his work in this short but powerful video.