A Connection You Can Trust

Regardless of the place you call home, you deserve access to the most reliable, fastest internet speed available—at a fair price.

Fiber Makes All the Difference.

Fiber is the fastest, most durable broadband technology that exists. It uses light waves to transfer data across the fiber, providing you with lightning-fast download speeds.

  • 2 seconds to download a popular album
  • 40 seconds to download your favorite movie
  • 4 seconds to download a half-hour TV show
  • 3 minutes to download your favorite video game

You Don't Have to Take Our Word for It

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Compared to our satellite system, the only practical internet alternative for us in this area until now, I'm getting 8-10 times the bandwidth at about one half the cost and with no contract commitment. As a retired IT guy who worked in this technology area, I understand the level of effort and planning it takes to roll out a system of this size and I appreciate your efforts.

— Bill R.


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We use the internet daily. There are three adults working from home fulltime, so reliable and high-speed internet is critical to our livelihood. We will change our service the first day it is available!

— Joe D.

Pueblo West, CO

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I am so very excited to get my Highline high-speed Internet! Our service is AMAZING! We have already been streaming Disney Plus and Netflix, and my son loves to game and there is absolutely no lag time, so he is super happy as well. The technician that installed our service explained how to download and use the Highline App, and it is super easy to use. We are super happy to be a Highline customer!

— Amber D.

Riverland, MI

Streaming Made Easy

Find the Best Live TV Streaming for You

With Highline's robust internet packages, you will be able to stream what you love to different devices without interfering with the data you need to support the rest of the devices and apps in your home! We've partnered with MyBundle.tv to help you find the right streaming options for you!