Pike Co. Announces Partnership with WavCom

November 2, 2021

WAVERLY HALL, Ga. -- The county of Pike, Georgia, announced today it has entered into a partnership with Waverly Hall-based fiber optic internet provider WavCom, to provide affordable, real high-speed Internet access for Pike County residents.

The strategic partnership plans to bring high-speed fiber optic Internet to portions of Pike County fulfilling the need of 3,770 underserved households and businesses within the County. WavCom brings extensive experience building and operating fiber optic Internet networks. The County of Pike is in the process of seeking an ARPA Broadband grant to help fund the initiative. WavCom is a subsidiary of Highline, which is a nationwide fiber internet service provider that has been providing communication services to homes and business for more than 125 years.

“WavCom has been actively deploying fiber in the region, but we do not currently service any Pike County homes and business and are excited about this opportunity” “We have worked closely with Pike County officials to understand the struggles its citizens have had with a lack of adequate broadband,” commented Dillon Watson, WavCom Operations Manager. “This partnership will allow us to accelerate deployment to these areas that need real internet service.”

“WavCom has been actively deploying fiber in the region, but we do not currently service any Pike County homes and business and are excited about this opportunity,” added Deb Rand, WavCom President and CEO of Highline South/West Region. “The increased need for work and learning from home, not to mention healthcare and other critical services, have been brought to the forefront during the Pandemic and this partnership provides an avenue for WavCom to solve Pike’s digital divide with gigabit fiber connections.”

“Creating fast and reliable Internet options for the residents and businesses of Pike County is critical to meeting the economic, health, education and social needs of our Pike County priorities,” said Brandon Rogers, Pike County Manager. “WavCom is focused on making a difference in Pike County!”

WavCom, and the other Highline brand companies, and are building gigabit fiber internet networks all across the country, delivering real high-speed Internet to tens of thousands of unserved, under-served and unhappily served Americans. Highline works closely within its partner and part-owner Atlantic Engineering Group (AEG) for the design, engineering, and construction of their gigabit Fiber-to-the-Premise networks.

AEG has worked with municipalities, rural electric cooperatives and internet service providers for over 25 years and has built over 50,000 miles of fiber plant, passing almost 3 million homes, with over 130 FTTP projects completed all across the country. All of this work brings real high-speed Internet to customers in order to narrow the digital divide that has been widening in rural areas.