June 28, 2024

Hurricane Season Preparedness

Hurricane Season Preparedness

With the forecast of an above-normal hurricane season, we want to inform you about the steps we are taking to minimize potential disruptions from storms that could affect our core network and how we are preparing to handle any service issues that may arise. 

We understand the importance of the Internet during extreme weather events for accessing vital services and updates and staying connected with friends, family, and community resources. Here’s what we’re doing:

  • Conducting rigorous tests on our network's redundancy
  • Strengthening our network infrastructure
  • Continuously updating our crisis management plans across all market areas


How We Prepare:

We work diligently before, during, and after storms to keep you connected and restore service as quickly as possible after severe weather. Here are a few steps we take:

  • Collaborate with emergency management teams to ensure the area is safe before starting any necessary network repairs.
  • Send additional supplies and technicians to affected areas for rapid network repairs.
  • Deploy generators to temporarily power network equipment during outages, as your Highline services depend on power both at your home and within our network.


How You Can Prepare:

  • Save emergency contact numbers and email addresses in your mobile device, including those for police, fire departments, the nearest hospital, and close friends or family members.
  • Ensure your mobile devices are fully charged and kept dry while electricity is still available.
  • Have a backup power supply, such as a car charger or portable battery, and store devices in a safe, dry place. Use plastic zipper bags for extra protection against water damage.
  • If you anticipate losing electrical power, unplug equipment or use surge protectors to safeguard devices from damage when power is restored.
  • If you have power but Highline service is down, reset your devices, including wireless gateways, modems, routers, and cable boxes.
  • Preload the website on your mobile devices before a storm and keep our main phone number, 1-888-212-0054, handy to report any outages.


How to Stay Informed:

  • Follow us on our main Facebook page at @HighlineInternet and on our local Facebook pages as well
  • Make sure you have the HighlineFast app downloaded, and SMS push notifications enabled on your preferred device to receive important outage notices and updates
  • If you do not have your mobile number listed on your account, please ensure you call our CES team to have your mobile number added to your account
  • Call 1-888-212-0054 to inquire about or report an outage


Thank you for being a valued Highline customer. We are committed to keeping you connected, no matter the weather.

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