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Highline is bringing the fastest internet speeds available.

Now, you don’t have to compromise to have the best internet service.

Fastest Streaming Available
Watch anything you want — where you want, when you want.
No Nonsense
No extra fees or taxes, contracts and no credit check.
Connect Unlimited Devices
From smart TVs, computers, phones, gaming consoles and more.
Control Your Home Network
Take control of your home network on the go from our mobile app.
Faster Downloads & Uploads
No buffering when working from home, gaming or video conferencing.
Set Parental Controls
Limit screen time, filter unsuitable content and help your kids stay safe.
Unlimited Data Use
Forget about data caps or running out of data when you really need it.
View Connected Devices
See all the connected devices across your home network.
How to Sign Up
Check your local availability.
Sign up for service.
Enjoy the fastest internet.
What is Fiber?
Fiber is the fastest, most durable broadband technology that exists. That’s because it’s made of glass and light waves are used to transfer data across the fiber. This provides you:
  • 2 secs to download a popular album
  • 40 secs to download your favorite movie
  • 4 secs to download a half-hour TV show
  • 3 min to download your favorite video game
"It’s refreshing that Highline is coming here with the intent to serve our communities and not trying to get us to pay them to do it. Historically, broadband companies would only come because we pay them."
Jeff Hagan
CEO, Eastern Upper Peninsula
Regional Planning and Development Commission
About Highline
Highline is backed by the strength of ITC Broadband’s 125-year history of serving rural communities.
Highline is committed to helping your community fully engage in the opportunities that come with high-speed, fiber internet.
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