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Highline Voice Service uses your Internet connection to make and receive calls. Our calling features allow you to forward your calls, set up speed dial for your frequently dialed numbers, and use voicemail to ensure you never miss a call. Keeping connected has never been easier with Highline Voice!

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Unlimited Long-Distance Calling

Call anywhere in the 48 contiguous United States for one low price.

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Stay Protected

Calling 911 from a landline gives emergency responders your exact location.

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Call Quality

You can always count on your landline for consistent sound quality for all your calls.

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Keep Your Number

You have the option to keep your present number and transfer it or receive a new one.

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Enter your address to find out if our voice service is available where you live.

Home Voice Service FAQ

Why should I have home voice service?

Some of the best reasons to have a landline phone include:

  • Voice Quality—Your home voice service gives you superior sound, quality and clarity.
  • Reliability—No call dropping here. Home voice gives you a more reliable connection.
  • Security—In an emergency you can count on your call going through. The dispatcher will always know your address even if you are unable to give it to them because we will have enrolled your address into the 911 database. Additionally, many home security systems require a home phone connection.
  • Peace of Mind—There is no need to worry. You will be able to call home to check on your children or their caregiver when you are away.
Are there any features that come with my home voice service?

Your plan offers a multitude of features. From Caller ID to Voicemail, you will have everything you need. Look under "Calling Features" below to see all the features and how to activate them. 

Where can I call?

You don’t have to worry with long distance charges. You can call anyone in the contiguous 48 states.

Will I be able to answer calls to my home when I am away?

Yes, you can! With call forwarding you will never miss a call. You can route your number to your cell phone or any other land line. You'll also be able to access your voicemail from anywhere, including in your email. 

Calling Features

Voice Features & Codes
Code Feature
*72 Call Forwarding Always Activation
*73 Call Forwarding Always Deactivation
*92 Call Forwarding No Answer Activation
*93 Call Forwarding No Answer Deactivation
*94 Call Forwarding Not Reachable Activation
*95 Call Forwarding Not Reachable Deactivation
*67 Caller ID Delivery Blocking per Call Activation
*31 Caller ID Delivery Blocking Persistent Activation
*32 Caller ID Delivery Blocking Persistent Deactivation
*70 Cancel Call Waiting Deactivation
*22 Call Hold
*69 Call Return
*66 Last Number Redial
*77 Anonymous Call Rejection
*87 Anonymous Call Rejection Deactivation
*78 Do Not Disturb Activation
*79 Do Not Disturb Deactivation
*74 Speed Dial
*86 Voicemail
N/A Unified Messaging
N/A Three-Way Calling

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