Highline Commences Next Phase of Fiber Internet Expansion in Lumberton, Texas

LUMBERTON, Texas--Following the announcement of its plan to deliver lightning-fast fiber-optic internet service to the Hardin County city of Lumberton, Highline...
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Highline Awarded Grant Funds to Expand Fiber Internet Access in Kansas

ALLEN, Kan.--Highline, which does business in Kansas under the S&A Telephone brand, today announced its acquisition of a grant award from the Broadband...
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Highline Announces Internet Service Expansions into Lumberton, Silsbee, and Sour Lake, Texas

LUMBERTON, Texas--Highline announced its plan to deliver lightning-fast fiber-optic internet service—enabling reliable gigabit-level speeds—for the Hardin...
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Highline Announces Internet Service Expansion Into Grand Junction, CO

GRAND JUNCTION, Colo.--Highline today announced the launch of lightning-fast Gigabit fiber internet service for the Grand Junction Colorado area, addressing...
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Highline Brings Real High-Speed Internet Service to Pueblo West Colorado!

PUEBLO WEST, Colo. -- Highline today announced the launch of lightning-fast Gigabit fiber Internet service to unserved, underserved and previously unhappily...
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Highline Turns up its First Customer in Sanilac County, MI!

SANDUSKY, Mich. -- Highline, a rapidly-growing Michigan Internet Service Provider has officially launched its lightning-fast gigabit Fiber Internet service in...
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Upson County Awarded Funds for Broadband Accessibility

The Upson County Board of Commissioners and Highline are pleased to announce that $4,430,000.00 has been awarded toward providing more reliable access to broadband in Upson County, GA.
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Nebraska Grants Awarded

Highline announced several grant awards under the Nebraska Broadband Bridge Act, which will help provide high-speed internet to customers in west-central and southwestern Nebraska.
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Rural Schoolcraft Co. to Get internet Upgrade in 2023

Residents in rural areas of Schoolcraft County will have access to high-speed internet in the near future.
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